Additional included offers

For successful event we provide for also: decoration of location, stages, hostesses, host of the event, catering, buses for transfer, equipment for wotting and quizzes and many other services.

We create for you ideas for SPECIAL offers!

For example, with our equipment you can have a mini-quiz during the sessions, in which participants take an active role in the lectures, and you can get the answers in percentage right away! What a great way to involve everyone in paying attention to the lecture, and turn a standard session into interactive one, right? And you can have instant reaction on the lecture from the participants! With help of our wotting system, this is very easy to set!

Translation on other languages

Our associates are professional translators ( English, German, and other languages by special request). We offer simultaneous and consecutive translation. For simultaneous translation we provide for you the most modern equipment.

Material and design

Our team of graphic designers is responsible for look for the visual material of the event, and we are responsible for printing and setting them too!

Here is some listed material that we design and print standardly:

  • first and second announcement
  • brochures
  • agenda
  • program for the event
  • abstract book
  • posters
  • roll-ups
  • Mashes
  • accreditations
  • invitations for social and other programs

We organize all catering services: work lunches, coffee breaks, cocktail parties, formal diners, gala diners etc.

Social program of the events

We organize entire social program of the event you are planning : theme parties, gala diners, trips, ceremonies of awards, concerts, shows etc.

Evaluation of event

Success of event is being evaluated, on your request, trough surveys about participant’s opinion and satisfaction. Survey can be made on the event itself or by email after the event.