Project preparation

Project preparation is the most important step towards successfully organized event.

One successful event is a reflection of hard work put into preparation process. All the steps trough organization for one event is suggested by one of our project leaders, together with our client. We go through all the phases of project and we set time plan.

Phases of project preparation:

  • One of the most important start steps is choosing a location of the event.

We help you to choose a perfect location : it all depends on the size of the event, preferred location, availability, capacity, season of the year, appealing, and of course budget.

Our 16 years-long experience on all the locations in Bosnia and Herzegovina is your guaranty for having the right location in the right time for you.

  • Another important step is developing a web-page for your event.

In this internet era, it is highly recommended to make a web-page with all the information about your event. It is both marketing move and also speaks about seriousness of your event.

Our team makes your internet domain and makes for you the most modern and effective web pages, having in thought all your wishes and demands.

You can look some of our web pages that we made so far on the links for the upcoming events (Go to the section: Upcoming events)

  • Next step is invitations for the participants.

Through e-mail and regular mail announcements and official first and second announcement of the event, newspaper advertisement and web-portal advertisement, we invite group of your special interest to take role in your event.