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Dear friends and colleagues,

It is a great pleasure to invite you to the
“Symposium of Anesthesiologist-Reanimatologists in FB&H with International Participation”, which will be held in November 01 st to 3rd, 2019 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized by the Association of Medical Doctors Anesthesiologists-Reanimatologists in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (UDMAR) and the Clinic for anesthesiology, reanimatology and intensive care, University Clinical Center Tuzla.

Symposium topic is “Traumatized patient in anesthesiology practice – challenge or routine”. The symposium will be open to present a wide range of topics related to traumatized patients, where participants will have the opportunity to talk, share Information and their experiences on this topic.

We believe that the choice of topics will stimulate your interest and that the Symposium will meet your expectations with the message that the success of the Symposium also depends on your active participation.

We aim to make the Symposium both socially and scientifically enriched.

We look forward to your cooperation and your arrival in Tuzla.

Chairmen of the Organizing Committee:
Asst Prof Jasmina Smajic, MD, PhD
President of UDMAR

Prof Semir Imamovic, MD, PhD-
Head of Clinic for anesthesiology,
reanimatology and intensive care
University Clinic Center Tuzla


Traumatized patient in anesthesiology practice – challenge or routine


November 1 – 3, 2019


Hotel Mellain
Aleja Alije Izetbegovića 3,
75 000 Tuzla

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Freestyle d.o.o.
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75000 Tuzla
+387 35 310 510


The official languages of the Symposium are Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian and English (simultaneous translation will not be provided).


For reservations please contact Freestyle agency:
Freestyle d.o.o.
[email protected]
+387 35 310 510


The symposium will take place in the form of plenary lectures, sponsored lectures and posters. Lectures should be in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or English language, but video presentations (PowerPoint) must be in English language.
LCD projector
Lecturers are encouraged to test the correctness of the media by giving the technician a Symposium Service at least 1 hour before scheduled presentation term in the lecture room.


Ali participants of the Symposium of Anesthesiologist-Reanimatologists in FB&H with International Participation” are exempt from the registration fee.
Registration includes:
Opening Ceremony
Participation in a scientific program
Visit the exhibition space
Symposium material
Certified by the Medical / Medical Chamber
Coffee breaks


On line registration:


On line abstract submission:


  • Asst Prof Jasmina Smajić, MD, PhD
  • Prof Semir Imamović, MD, PhD
  • Prim Mirsad Babović, MD
  • Prim Aida Tahmiščija, MD
  • Prim Marina Juroš Zovko, MD
  • Lejla Žilić, MD
  • Asst Prof Jasmina Smajić, MD, PhD
  • Prof Semir Imamovic, MD, PhD
  • Asst Prof Slavenka Štraus, MD, PhD
  • Assoc Prof Ermina Mujičić, MD, PhD
  • Asst Prof Meldijana Omerbegović, MD, PhD
  • Vesna Čengić, MD, PhD


  • Marijana Karišik, MD. Montenegro.
  • Prof Mirjana Shocholcheva, MD, PhD. Republic North Macedonia.
  • Dafina Karadzjova, MD, PhD. Republic North Macedonia.
  • Mirjana Kendrisic, MD, PhD, Serbia.
  • Prof Dušanka Janjević, MD, PhD. Serbia.
  • Nermina Rizvanovic, MD, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Asst Prof Selma Sijercic, MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Asst Prof Meldijana Omerbegovic, MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Asst Prof Slavenka Straus, MD, PhD Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Prof Semir Imamovic, MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Assoc Prof Vlatka Sotošek, MD, PhD. Croatia.
  • Asst Prof Suad Keranovic, MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Assoc Prof Sanja Marić, MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Assoc Prof Ermina Mujičić, MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Asst Prof Neli Vintar, MD, PhD. Slovenia.
  • Prof Hristo Božov,MD, PhD. Bulgaria.
  • Asst Prof Jasmina Smajic,MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Prof Kemaletin Koltka, MD, PhD. Turkey.
  • Asst Prof Peter Poredoš, MD, PhD. Slovenia.
  • Prof Isil Ozkocak,MD, PhD. Turkey.
  • Prof Ates Duman, MD, PhD. Turkey.
  • Prof Robert Hahn, MD, PhD. Sweden.
  • Assoc Prof Darko Golić, MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Snezana Stanisavljevic, MD. Serbia.
  • Vesna Čengić, MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Assoc Prof. Andrijan Kartalov, MD, PhD. Republic North Macedonia.
  • Assoc Prof Visnja Nesek Adam, MD,PhD. Croatia.
  • Prof Borislava Pujić, MD, PhD. Serbia.



18:00-18:30 Opening Ceremony

18:30-19:00 Guest lecturer: Fluid tretarment of dehydration, hemorrhage and uncontrolled hemorrhage. Robert Hahn. Sweden.

19:00 Welcome Coctail


08:00-09:00 Registration

Coagulation and hemostasis Hall I

Chairs: A. Duman, S. Marie, D. Janjevic

09:00-09:20 Further look at the coagulopatic bleeding in trauma. Mirjana Shocholcheva. Republic North Macedonia.

09:20-09:40 Coagulation Cascade Modulating Agents and Trauma. Kemaletin Koltka. Turkey.

09:40-10:00 Recent development in blood transfusion strategies in trauma scenario. Robert Hahn. Sweden.

10:00-10:20 Tranexamic acid in urgent medicine. Visnja NesekAdam. Croatia

10:20-10:30 Discussion

Brain and spine injuries Hall II

Chairs: D. Goiić, S. Sijercic, V. Cengic

09:00-09:20 What is new in trauma brain injury. Dafina Karadzjova. Republic North Macedonia.

09:20-09:40 Ventilatory strategies in head trauma patient. Snezana Stanisavljevic. Serbia.

09:40-10:00 Spine injury and spinal shock. Asst prof Peter Poredos MD, PhD, Slovenia.

10:00-10:20 Organ donation in trauma victims. Nermina Rizvanovic. Bosnia and Herzegovina

10:20-10:30 Discussion

10:30-10:45 Coffe break

Pain medicine Hall I

Chairs: M, Shocholcheva, M. Kendrisic, M. Karisik

10:45-11:05 Acute pain management. Neli Vintar. Slovenia.

11:05-l 1:25 Regional analgesia methods for the treatment of pain in traumatized patients. Vlatka Sotosek. Croatia

11:25-11:45 Inadequate acute pain control and its consequences. Jasmina Smajic. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

11:45-l 2:05 Invasive procedures in chronic pain treatment. Darko Goli. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

12:05-12:15 Discussion

Poster presentations I

10:45-12:15 Chair: Senada Causevic

Ahmetovic Dug Jasrmina, L. Vikalo CytoSorb in a patient with politrauma and associated rhabdomyolysis – A case report

Avdić Amel. The brucella aortitis with aortoduodenal fistula – a rare case report

Angjushev Darko, A. Kartalov, M. Kotevska-Angjushev, M. Srceva, A.Kokareva, Lj. Donev, A. Leshi, Intercostal nerve block and awake sedation for intrapleural foreign body removal with VATS. A case report.

Bavcic Selma, J. Sabanovic, E.Mujicic, I. Aslani. Postoperative quality of life after total gastrectomy compared with partial gastrectomy

Kabil Edin, E. Mujicic, N. Granov Specific considerations of the anesthesiologists approach in cardiac autotransplant patients – Our experience

Salihović Edis. Medicamentous and mechanical support of cardiac surgery patients – Case report

Buro Erna, S. Keser, E. Mesanovic, F. Trebincevic, D. Simic, D. Odobasic, S. Salkic. Spinal anaesthesia for Cesarean section our expirience.

Josipović Marija, T. KIancir, V. Nesek Adam, M. Karaman Ilić, E.Crizelj Stojcic, A. Smiljanic. Traumati intrecostal lung herniation in polytrauma patient – a case report.

Amira Mešić, A. Muftić, A. Horman-Leventa, Z. Zvizdić, A. Jounuzi, V. Mišanović. Anesthesiological treatment in blunt trauma injury of spleen in children – Case report

Poster presentations II

10:45-12:15 Chair: Dzenita Mesic Ahmetasevic

Suljevic Ismet, M. Turan, O. Suljevic, I. Surkovic, E. Musija. Perioperative management in elderly with hip fracture

Dedic Simendic Lejla, S. Sijercic, Dz. Ahmetasevic. Anesthesia for Bilateral Lung Hydatid Cyst in a Child

Mujkić Lejla, Dz. Ahmetasevic. Pulmonary embolism after major trauma- Case report

Beharić Senita. Challenges In The Management of Trauma Patient

Baker Abdulrahman, E. Kazagic, V. Dzanko. Delayed spleen bleeding after trauma, our experience-Case report

Selimovic Jasmina, L. Zilic. Polytrauma with abdominal compartment syndrome

Albert Lleshi, Lj. Donev, D. Angjusev, M. Tolevska, Lj. Micunovic, A. Dimitrovski, A. Vitanova, I. Hasani, A. Kartalov. Venous access – that lasts longer central venous ports

Suhreta Tupajic, L. Zilic. Mechanical ventilation as therapy after surgical treatment of a bronchogenic cyst.

12:15-12:55 Sponsored lecture – Abbvie Hall I

12:55-14:00 Lunch

Airway management Hall I

Chairs: H. Bozov, M. Omerbegovic, P. Poredos

14:00-14:20 Airway management in pediatric trauma patient. Marijana Karisik. Montenegro.

14:20-14:40 Invasive difficult airway management-is there reason to fear of this procedure. Dusanka Janjevic. Serbia.

14:40-15:00 Percutaneous tracheostomy. Semir Imamovic. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

15:00-15:20 Chest trauma and mechanical ventilation. Isil Ozkocak. Turkey.

15:20-15:30 Discussion

Cardiovascular system and trauma Hall II

Chairs: S. Keranovic, N. Rlzvanovic, S. Stanslavljevic

14:00-14:20 Hemodynamic monitoring and inotropic support in traumatized patients. Slavenka Straus. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

14:20-14:40 Trauma of the heart and major blood vessels. Suad Keranovic. Bosnia and Herzegovina

14:40-15:00 Pulmonary embolism after trauma; what is new? Assoc prof Emina Mujicic MD, PhD. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

15:00-15:20 Vasopresin in sespis. Andrijan Kartalov. Republic North Macedonia.

15:20-15:30 Discussion

15:30-15:50 Sponsored lecture SANOFI Hall I

15:50-16:05 Coffe break

Specific entities Hall I

Chairs: A. Kartalov, D. Karadzjova, I. Ozkocak

16:05-16:25 Trauma in pregnancy. Mirjana Kendrisic. Serbia.

16:25-16:45 Anesthesia in major pediatric trauma. Ates Duman. Turkey.

16:45-17:05 ERAS protocol for cesarean delivery (erac) and implementation in Serbian university hospital. Borislava Pujic. Serbia.

1 7:05-17:25 Labor analgesia project in UCC Tuzla. Denis Odobasic. Bosnia and Herzegovina. 1 7:25-17:35 Discussion

Specific entities Hall II

Chairs: E. Mujicic, S. Straus, K. Koitka

16:05-16:20 Urgent thoracotomy as life saving method in chest trauma. Vesna Cengic. Bosnia and Hezegovina.

16:20-16:35 Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and trauma. Hristo Bozov. Bulgaria.

16:35-16:50 Abdominal compartment syndrome after trauma. Sanja Marie. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

16:50-17:05 Fat embolism syndrome. Meldijana Omerbegovic. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

17:05-17:20 Burns anesthesia and intensive care. Selma Sijercic. Bosnia and Herzegovina.

17:20-17:30 Discussion

20:00 Gala Dinner


10:00-12:00 Assembly of Association